The Benefits of Using Hospital Maintenance Management Software

CMMS, or computerized maintenance management systems, can be quite beneficial to any company or organization that has machinery or equipment that needs constant maintenance, repair, and replacement. Such a system will not only help ensure that your equipment runs smoothly, but will also help you save money, time, and could help you avoid instances of liability.

Interestingly, if there is one industry where CMMS systems, and the benefits they have to offer, are often overlooked, it is the healthcare industry. Just like every other organization, a hospital has many requirements, and there are usually tons of things that need to be managed for the efficient provision of healthcare solutions. With a hospital maintenance software, hospital managers can have an easier time managing things to ensure that things run smoothly. Outlined below are some of the ways a maintenance software can benefit you as a manager in a healthcare environment.

Easier Tracking of Assets and Equipment

Healthcare facilities like hospitals have tons of moving parts. With so many different types of equipment being required to ensure that healthcare is provided and that the day to day requirements of the hospital are met, it is important for managers to keep track of each of these things to ensure that everything is in good working condition. For instance, every treatment room in a hospital will usually have a number of different equipment in it. With that in mind, it is important to remember that most facilities have lots rooms, and each will usually have some equipment in it. What this, therefore, means is that there are tons of machines and other equipment to be found in a single institution. Considering this, it can become very hard to keep track of all these machines and equipment without some form of assistance. Hospital maintenance software helps simplify maintenance management as it can help you keep records of, and track all equipment and machines within a hospital.

Tracking of Medication

Another area where a hospital facility management software can come in handy is in the area of tracking medication. Having records of your facility’s medication is important, and a CMMS can help you maintain a database of all incoming and outgoing medications, help prevent against lawsuits and liability issues, and fire off alerts to reorder when stocks are dwindling among other things. This helps ensure that medication is readily available and accounted for at all times.

Accounting Purposes

While a hospital management software is not an accounting tool exactly, most of the systems in the market are able to print reports for part fees, the cost of maintenance labor, etc. With such information made readily available, a hospital CMMS can make predicting and budgeting for maintenance needs in the future much easier.

Scheduling Jobs

One of the main and most important functions of any CMMS or maintenance software is scheduling maintenance jobs when need be. This may involve preventative maintenance where equipment and machinery are scheduled to undergo regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are good working order. At the end of the day, this helps reduce costs and lowers the chances of being put in tricky situations. One way that a CMMS can help is like informing you on things like when a particular ambulance had its engine oil changed. This could help you avoid issues that could lead to the organization being penalized.

Patient Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important factors that every healthcare facility has to factor. It is important to ensure that everyone coming to you for healthcare solutions feels comfortable and at rest. A hospital maintenance software can help ease things by letting you know which parts or areas need to be addressed. A CMMS can help be letting you know the state of different machines and equipment within the facility, if the temperature is right, and if things like automatic doorways work as they should.

A hospital maintenance software is a useful tool that any healthcare facility needs to have to ease the management of the facility. If you are a manager at a hospital or busy clinic, then it is high time that you considered getting a hospital CMMS for better management of the organization. Talk to a CMMS specialist today for more information.

This post was contributed to us by Hippo CMMS.


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Latest Advancements Of Artificial Intelligence

There have been rumors for many decades that computer systems are becoming a so advanced that there will soon be something called artificial intelligence. In reality, a computer is nothing more than a brain, a place where information is processed, and choices are made based upon subroutines that are followed by software. As a person goes through life, we experience things in our environment that condition us to respond in certain ways. These same routines can be developed within a computer system, and once it becomes complex enough, it will likely become conscious. Although this is likely information that is more science-fiction than reality, there is the possibility that artificial intelligence may one day become real, and when it does, there may be consequences that we all must pay. Here are some of the latest advancements that have been made in the field of artificial intelligence, something that may one day be very real.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or artificial intelligence is a system by which a computer software program is able to mimic human thought. This can be a software program that is hosted at one location, or it can act from many different locations, coordinating all of the decisions that need to be made. As the sciences of the world converge to design something that could actually be self-conscious, there are some concerns such as whether or not this artificial intelligence would regard humankind as inferior. This has been presented on many science-fiction shows, and according to the latest advancements, it is possible that this is closer than we all actually think.

Artificial Intelligence Is Speeding Up

What is interesting about AI advancements in the last 10 years is that they are occurring much faster than ever before. It seems that as we continue to learn more information, and then build upon that, there is always going to be exponential growth. The reason that this is interesting is that at certain conferences such as the Nero top information Processing Systems conference, they are actually showing computer programs that can play games. Recently one was used on the very popular show Jeopardy, in which the computer was able to answer questions much more accurately, a software program called Watson

Processing Information

One thing that makes artificial intelligence program so much faster in terms of growth and comprehension is their ability to process billions of data points, sometimes within minutes. The faster that they are able to process this information, the more they will be able to assimilate a more human viewpoint, allowing them to make choices not only based upon logic but self-preservation. Websites like Google and Facebook are in contact with literally billions of people, most of which are posting some type of information. It is this information that will allow the software programs to become more human-like, and in the process, create a situation that could be both favorable and disastrous.

The Latest Advancements

Probably the most beneficial aspect of artificial intelligence, and the possibility that this will become real is found in gathering information. By identifying with different ideas, or even people, these machines can learn very quickly. One of the best advancements is the advent of cloud computing which acts very similar to the human brain. Different types of information are stored in certain areas, and the same is true for those that are going to use cloud computing to accelerate the speed at which artificial intelligence is finally made.

There are quite a few businesses such as Diffbot and CrowdFlower which have become leaders in the artificial intelligence startup industry. They have done quite a bit of research on how this works and are responsible for some of the latest advancements in this technology. Since the goal is to get a computer to actually think for itself, the best way is to create a very limited framework for the world and have it processed just a small amount of information. Once it has built up subroutines for each of the new concepts that it has learned, just like a child, it can begin to process information more quickly and get a sense of individuality. There is the possibility that an AI machine will be made at some point in time, and when this occurs, it could be a very serious situation. Until that time, we need to be careful about how advanced these computers can be, and continue to use them and not be used by them during this process. Read more about smart technology.

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